4 Important Factors to Consider for Sprinkler Installation

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In Austin, Texas, no two lawns are the same. There are subtle—and sometimes even massive—differences between your yard and your neighbor’s property, even if you live in the same community.

There is no one-size-fits-all irrigation system—each property is unique. Therefore, before calling a sprinkler contractor, think of the following first to ensure you know the needs of your yard:

1. Recognize that different areas of your yard need different quantities of water.

You should identify the varying water needs of your lawn. The parts that receive the most sunlight will need more water than the areas that get the least. Moreover, lower-lying sections of a slope will naturally collect and hold more water than higher-lying areas. These considerations should affect where sprinkler heads are installed.

2. Find out what components are needed.

Even if you hire an experienced contractor, it is your due diligence to gather all of the information on the items they’ll be using in your sprinkler system. Knowing these things can help with future maintenance concerns.

3. Consider using a smart sprinkler system.

Many homeowners use a timer to control their sprinkler system due to the convenience it provides. In recent years, people have had more sophisticated options when it comes to sprinkler automation. For instance, a “smart” irrigation system has moisture sensors that detect when your yard needs to be watered. Aside from saving you time, it can also save on water costs because your system will only use what it deems necessary.

4. Understand your local water regulations.

Make sure you’re aware of any water-use restrictions in your city. In many areas, homeowners are required to meet particular energy-efficiency standards. Low arc heads and other efficient designs may be the best option in some instances.

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