5 Common Sprinkler System Problems and How to Fix Them

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Your home sprinkler system is essential to maintain your green and lush lawn and the beauty of your garden. To get optimal use of your sprinkler system, it must function correctly. It must also be adequately maintained and readily operational. That’s why it’s best to familiarize yourself with your sprinkler system’s conditions and know common sprinkler problems and how they can be addressed.

The common problems of a sprinkler system are easily repairable, especially if caught early. But if a simple issue worsens, it can cause a bigger problem and may cause your system to stop working altogether. Therefore, aside from familiarizing yourself with common problems, you should also know the reasons why they happen. For more information, read below and find out the common reasons why your sprinkler system stops working.

5 Common Sprinkler Problems and How to Fix Them

1. Clogged sprinkler heads

This issue is one of the common reasons why your sprinkler stops working. When the sprinkler head does not rise and water does not come out, it indicates that the sprinkler head is clogged.

Common obstructions that cause clogging are sand, dirt, dry weed, and other debris. When you observe such an issue, you can readily check your unit. Turn off the water supply, lift the pop-up riser and remove the nozzle and the filter. Then, immediately clean the filter and return all parts to their original location. If it still doesn’t work, you should call a professional for a repair.

2. Leaking water

Water leaks may occur in different zones. Leaving a leak unchecked can cost you a lot of money with high water bills. Therefore, keep an eye for even just a single leak, and more so if there are multiple leaks.

If you notice water that constantly leaks from one or many zones, check possible defects from the diaphragm valve. There may be a blockage inside the valve or a possible improper design or installation that affects the valve.

3. A faulty sprinkler controller

The controller provides one of the most crucial roles in your sprinkler system. It has many functions like appropriate activation and deactivation, correct allocation of water, and other mechanisms that maintain consistent operations.

If you notice that your system is not activating automatically at the designated times, call an expert to diagnose and repair your unit immediately.

4. Sprinkler heads pop up failure

When one of the sprinkler heads is defective, your system will not function optimally, or it might even stop working. If this happens, it can indicate possible damage on the relay, or it can be due to a mechanical failure in the head’s pop-up mechanism, or low pressure. It can be a complicated issue that needs immediate diagnosis from an expert.

5. Buzzing pump

This issue is another defect that could cause your sprinkler to stop working. When you notice an audible and static-like buzzing noise, this indicates a buzzing pump. If this is left unattended, it could lead to the malfunction of multiple parts.

Whatever issue you will encounter in the operation of your sprinkler system, always know that if left unattended, it could result in system malfunction, and it may stop working altogether. Get it fixed immediately to avoid more expensive repairs or replacements.

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