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Professional Irrigation & Sprinkler System Maintenance Across Austin, TX

Whatever your issue, Austex Sprinklers is here to help with all your Irrigation & Sprinkler System Maintenance needs.

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Annual maintenance can prevent blockages and leaks that prevent your sprinklers from working their best. Sprinkler system maintenance is crucial for keeping your yard green and healthy.

If your sprinklers are due for a tune-up, call Austex Sprinklers today. We offer several services to Austin, TX residents to help them keep their sprinkles in the best shape.

Yearly Tune-Up

Our yearly tune-up service is vital for having an efficient sprinkler system. During the tune-up, one of our trained specialists will flush your sprinkler system to remove any backed-up dirt, debris, and plant matter.

Once your sprinklers are clean, our next priority is making sure everything runs smoothly when they’re on.

This process includes:

Checking each valve for leaks and blockage

Setting up your controller for optimal watering

Teaching you how to care for your system and answering questions

Yearly Winterization

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Winterizing your sprinkler system every year is necessary to keep it safe during the cold months. Austin winters can be incredibly cold and cause your pipes to freeze. Once this occurs, leftover water can freeze and crack your pipes. Broken pipes can lead to:

Low or no water pressure


Pests that are attracted to standing water

During the sprinkler winterization process, we completely drain your sprinkler system of any water and debris to prevent any damage in case of a freeze. We recommend you contact us during autumn to prepare for a possible freeze event.

If you can’t find your sprinkler system’s water shut-off valve, that’s okay. Our Team is happy to provide guidance over the phone.

Why Maintain Your Sprinkler System?

Healthy Lawn and Garden

Maintaining your sprinkler system is essential if you want your lawn and garden to stay healthy. If your sprinkler system is poorly maintained, you could have misaligned sprinklers or blockages in your line that stop water from reaching certain parts of your lawn.

If water from your sprinklers isn’t reaching every bit of your lawn, then you are likely to see patches of brown, dead grass. Prevent brown patches by keeping up with your yearly sprinkler system maintenance.

Saves Money

Investing in sprinkler system maintenance is a great way to save money in the long-run. If your sprinkler system isn’t working properly, you will actually lose money pumping out extra water to keep your lawn looking green.

Be proactive and invest in sprinkler maintenance before it’s too late. By staying up-to-date on your routine maintenance, you can also prevent having to plant new flowers or buy sod to replace dead spots.

Prevents Water Waste

Proper sprinkler maintenance can prevent excessive water waste. In Austin, we are no strangers to water scarcity — avoid using too much water on your lawn by keeping your sprinklers working efficiently.

Peace of Mind

By setting up an agreement with us to perform your annual sprinkler maintenance, you will have peace of mind knowing that your sprinkler system will be in peak condition. You won’t have to worry about wasting water or money, knowing that our local team is taking care of your sprinklers!

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