How to Prevent Poor Drainage?

drainage in the yard on grass garden

A drainage system is a series of underground pipes or canals diverting water so it doesn’t pool up, especially after a downpour. A dependable drainage system prevents flooding and erosion. Effective drainage also eliminates standing water—the breeding ground for mosquitoes and other insects. A good drainage solution involves installing catch basins, catch pipes, and other […]

How to Choose the Best Sprinkler Head for Watering Your Lawn

sprinkler head installation

Watering your lawn shouldn’t be a chore. It can be done with minimal effort and effectively with the help of a reliable sprinkler system. Therefore, sprinkler installation is of utmost importance. A lawn sprinkler system can water lawns and other landscaping features. It’s comprised of a number of sprinkler heads dispersed throughout the lawn or […]

What Is the Easiest Way to Harvest Rainwater?

rainwater harvesting tank

Rainwater Harvesting is the process of collecting and storing rainwater for future use. Instead of relying on the local water supply or digging a well, it is a method of capturing and using rainwater. The collected water can be used for watering plants and irrigating your lawn, conserving water and reducing your monthly water bill. […]

Practical Outdoor Lighting Solutions to Make Your Dark Driveway Safe

driveway lighting wall lights

Illuminate your driveway to make it safer and more welcoming for guests. With a trusted outdoor or landscape lighting installation partner like Austex Sprinklers, adding lights to your outdoor space will increase curb appeal and property value. Since the driveway is the first thing that greets anyone coming to your home, it should be well-lit […]

Effective Ways to Improve Your Drainage System

drain basket for french drain with grate on top

A drainage system is an essential part of a home and yard. It consists of a structure or network of structures that re-route water from a specific location. Most of the time, the system has pipes, tunnels, trenches, and chambers. Sometimes, it involves using retention ponds to limit water flow. So, It’s important to have […]

Benefits of Rainwater Harvesting In Austin, TX

rainwater harvesting system

With a population of about 2.4 million people, the demand for water in the Greater Austin Metro area is exceptionally high, causing unexpected disruptions and restrictions due to water scarcity. One way to deal with this, have peace of mind, and save money on water bills is to install a rainwater harvesting system at your […]

Winter: The Best Time for Landscape Lighting Installation

A beautiful house with a outdoor lighting systems

Landscape lighting can turn your outdoor space into a stunning and relaxing area, especially after the sun has set. Good outdoor lighting installation requires skill, experience, and a keen sense of design. Therefore, it is essential to hire a professional to install outdoor lighting. It helps to do this during the ideal time—winter. Austex Sprinklers […]

Signs Your Lawn Needs New Sod

sod installation unhealthy turf lawn

Maintaining your lawn is paramount to keeping lush, beautiful grass. However, despite one’s best efforts, grass can show signs of discoloration and decay due to malnutrition, over- and under-watering, weather changes, erosion, and diseases. A malnourished lawn can be addressed with proper fertilization. If over- or under-watering is an issue, installing an automatic sprinkler system […]

How to Prepare Your Lawn for Fall and Winter

prepare sprinklers for winter

Have you thought about preparing your lawn for fall and winter yet? The first freeze could arrive in a few months, so it’s important to think about how you can help your lawn survive the cold. Let’s give you some pointers on how to get your lawn ready and be prepared to turn off your […]

Midsummer Sprinkler System Maintenance

Sprinkler Head Maintenance for Home Owner's Lawn

Most homeowners are familiar with spring startups and winter blowouts for sprinkler systems. Common essential sprinkler maintenance can often be overlooked in between spring and winter, however, that can address avoidable problems. Midsummer maintenance is a valuable service every sprinkler system owner should schedule. Your sprinkler system is working the hardest in the middle of […]