Why Does My Sprinkler Valve Leak?

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A leaking sprinkler valve is one of the most common reasons customers call for sprinkler repair. Left unchecked, even the tiniest leak wastes water and costs money. If there seems to be no damage on the sprinkler head, the valve seal is likely the reason. The most common causes of sprinkler valve leakage are listed […]

Is Your Irrigation System Ready for the Summer?

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Your irrigation system takes a break throughout the fall and winter months. However, as summer approaches, you’ll want to ensure your irrigation system is up to the task. To keep your lawn lush, hydrated, and healthy during the Texas summer, you’ll need to water it regularly. If you haven’t used your sprinkler system in a […]

Why Does My Sprinkler System Have Low Water Pressure?

Automatic sprinkler system watering

Your sprinkler system is essential for maintaining the health and appearance of your lawn. However, a common issue that you might encounter is low water pressure. This issue may prevent parts of your lawn from being irrigated. Low water pressure in an irrigation system is a typical problem mainly caused by faulty backflow preventer valves […]

The Benefits of Having a Drainage System

Metallic square drainage in the lawn

A drainage system plays a crucial role in planning your yard or lawn. By definition, a drainage system is a conduit built underground that transports excess water away from your home and yard. We all know that water gives plants a lot of nutrients, but too much water in your yard can cause many issues. […]

4 Important Factors to Consider for Sprinkler Installation

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In Austin, Texas, no two lawns are the same. There are subtle—and sometimes even massive—differences between your yard and your neighbor’s property, even if you live in the same community. There is no one-size-fits-all irrigation system—each property is unique. Therefore, before calling a sprinkler contractor, think of the following first to ensure you know the […]

What Type of Landscape Lighting Can Show Off Your House at Night?

Deck lights at night

When you think of installing lights to illuminate your home, the house’s interior is generally the first thing that comes to mind. However, outdoor lighting is also crucial. Landscape lighting enhances the appearance of a home, if it is done correctly. The key to landscape lighting is to make it bright enough to cast lovely […]

Sprinkler System Maintenance Tips

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Common Causes of Sprinkler System Breakdown When you notice an unusual function in your sprinkler system, or it has stopped working, contact a professional immediately who will look into it, diagnose it, and fix the problem. Problems may occur in any of these components: the water supply pipes electronic zone box valve box the diaphragm […]

5 Common Sprinkler System Problems and How to Fix Them

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Your home sprinkler system is essential to maintain your green and lush lawn and the beauty of your garden. To get optimal use of your sprinkler system, it must function correctly. It must also be adequately maintained and readily operational. That’s why it’s best to familiarize yourself with your sprinkler system’s conditions and know common […]

Does a Sprinkler System Add Value to a Home?

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Want to make an improvement to your home that also adds value to it? Make it happen with the installation of a sprinkler system. A sprinkler system waters the plants, grass, and flowers on your lawn to make sure that your garden is healthy. It sprays and distributes water to irrigate your lawn. Tiny droplets […]

8 Reasons Why Professional Landscape Lighting Is Worth It

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Professional landscape lighting is a wish for everyone who wants the best lighting for their lawn or property. Doing the job needs skills, expertise, and knowledge. From planning, designing, material sourcing to installing, it must be well-thought-out to get the most of every penny spent. Benefits of Landscape Lighting 1. Safe Passage Lighting keeps passages […]