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The only thing reliable about rainfall in Austin is that you can’t rely on it. Land parched from weeks without rain can suddenly face inches of downpour in just an hour. Such dramatic fluctuations can cause real problems if your property isn’t prepared.

Every home is different, presenting unique drainage challenges. That’s why a custom drainage system is essential in Austin. Our experts at Austex Sprinklers understand this area’s challenges and can ensure your yard remains well-drained, no matter the weather.

Why Drainage Is Important

Poor drainage can have a long list of negative effects, such as:

Soil erosion.

Appropriate drainage guards against soil erosion around the foundation of your home, keeping the structure sound.

Standing water.

Without proper drainage, standing water can cause damage and slick, dangerous surfaces.


Standing water and damp patches caused by a lack of drainage provide ideal breeding grounds for mosquitoes and other pests.

Poor plant and tree health.

Pooling water results in overwatering, leading to subpar growth and root damage. In severe cases, heavy flooding can even kill vegetation.

Aesthetic concerns.

A poorly-drained yard never looks its best. It’s likely to suffer from dry patches, puddles, and other problems.

Types of Drainage Systems

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There are several options when it comes to drainage systems for your home. The right option for your yard will depend on your soil, topography, and more. Here are the systems we install most frequently here in Austin:

Above-ground drains.

Because they aren't hidden underground, these drains are an inexpensive way to re-direct excess water away from your home.

Gutter to Subsurface Drains.

This water diversion method collects water from your home’s gutters and diverts it underground into hidden drain pipes. It is a popular solution for homeowners willing to pay a little more for a system that doesn’t detract from their home’s beauty.

Catch Basins.

Positioned at your landscape’s lowest points, these drains catch water as it settles. Grates filter out leaves and other debris, and underground pipes direct collected water away from your house.

Dry Creek Beds.

Not all drainage requires pipes. A graded rock path in a home’s yard can guide water away from the main structure, offering an attractive and effective drainage solution.

Installing a quality drainage solution will not only move water away from where it is puddling up, but can also protect the foundation of your home.

Quality Drainage Solutions in Austin

Whatever your drainage needs, our experts at Austex Sprinklers will advise you on the best possible drainage solution for your property, ensuring your home stays dry and your yard remains beautiful.

At Austex Sprinklers we stand by the quality of our work. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. Call us today at (512) 721-8564 for the best drainage solution for you in Austin, TX.