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How To Run Your Irrigation System Manually

In this week’s quick tip, Austex Sprinklers explains how to run your irrigation system manually.

If the controller for your irrigation system is not working properly and you want to water, you can turn on a particular zone at the valve if you know where they are located. You can manually turn on the valve by turning the solenoid 90 degrees to the left. The solenoid is the part of the valve that has the wires attached to it. By turning it to the left it will allow water to pass.

When you want it to stop running, you turn it back to the right until it’s tight. Some homes have a master valve. If your home has a master valve, you manually open the master valve first, then the zone valve. The master valve is traditionally located near your backflow device. Some valves also have bleed screws that will allow you to turn on your system as well.

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