Is a Wi-Fi Irrigation Controller Worth It?

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An automatic sprinkler system is a convenient device to have at home. It allows you to water your lawn simply so you can set it and forget it. However, there can be situations where it can be lacking. For instance, your automatic sprinkler system doesn’t know when it rains outside, so it will still activate if you don’t change the configuration on the controller.

To handle this concern, you need a wi-fi irrigation controller that makes your system smart. Besides having the capability to know not to turn on when it’s raining outside, it checks the weather forecast in your area in advance to know how to properly irrigate your lawn. You can set it up to deliver the right amount of water depending on the type of soil in your garden, the amount of sun exposure your yard receives, and what plants are growing there. In addition, since it is linked to a wi-fi connection, you can do all of these things using your smartphone!

What Are the Benefits of a Wi-Fi Irrigation Controller?

A wi-fi irrigation controller removes all the guesswork for watering your lawn and keeping your yard properly hydrated. Is it a sound investment for your home? Here are the benefits of having a smart irrigation controller:

1. Save water

A smart irrigation controller allows you to use less water while still keeping your garden healthy. The sprinkler system can adjust the water usage in advance depending on the weather forecast. Many homeowners who use it claim it can reduce water usage by 30% to 60%, which translates to significant savings in your water bills. Additionally, it allows you to do your part in conserving a precious resource.

2. Portable convenience

Since this type of irrigation controller is connected and accessible via wi-fi, you can set it up and reconfigure it quickly using your smartphone. You can change the system’s settings depending on your yard’s current or future needs without having to touch the controller box manually. You can fine-tune the setup while having coffee in your kitchen, watching TV in the living room, or while on vacation.

3. Flexible control

If you need to be out of your house to go on a business trip or vacation, you can provide trusted individuals access to your sprinkler system. You can authorize family members or your landscape contractor to change the settings and ensure that your plants are healthy while you are away.

How to Choose the Right Wi-Fi Irrigation Controller?

To make life easier and avoid any mistakes in choosing the right controller for you, Austex Sprinklers is here to help! Call us today at (512) 721-8564 for advice about selecting the right wi-fi irrigation controller or for any sprinkler concern.

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