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There’s nothing like unique landscape lighting to make your yard look impressive after dark while also enhancing the safety, security, and comfort of your property.

Here are some benefits our Austin, TX, clients enjoy when they opt for our landscape lighting design and installation services:

Increase Safety and Security


When you entertain outdoors after daylight hours, you want your guests to enjoy full comfort and safety. With customized lighting solutions from Austex Sprinklers, you, your family, and your guests can safely enjoy your property’s outdoor areas after nightfall. We thoroughly examine your walkways, steps, and stairs to minimize the chance of any safety hazards due to poor lighting.


A well-lit exterior is a number-one security booster because light discourages intruders. You don’t need to opt for harsh, startling security lighting to make this strategy effective. It’s enough to make sure that nobody can approach the house without passing through an illuminated area.

While many landscape lighting features are optional, here are a few areas the lighting experts at Austex Sprinklers consider absolute musts:

Paths and walkways

Entries, including front, side, and back doors


Steps, with lighting on the treads or the risers

Decks and patios

Impress Your Guests

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Outdoor lighting is more than functional. It can transform your landscape into a mesmerizing work of art your guests won’t stop admiring.

At Austex Sprinklers, we work with a variety of landscape lighting elements, using our expertise to advise you on choosing the perfect ensemble. Some of our popular options include:

Uplighting: Casts light from the ground up, often to enhance trees, pillars, and textured walls

Downlighting: Gives broad illumination and contributes to safety and security as well as aesthetics

Grazing: Creates striking accentuation of textured surfaces

Silhouette lighting: Throws a plant or object into relief by placing lights behind it

Mirror lighting: Utilizes reflective surfaces like swimming pools and fountains for a dramatic effect

Spotlighting: Uses a strong beam to illuminate stairways, decks, and pools

Boost Curb Appeal

Strategically-installed outdoor lighting is probably the most powerful feature of a home’s evening curb appeal. Clever illumination can enhance your home’s architectural features, put the spotlight on unique landscape elements, and easily mask any areas that are unflattering.

The talented team at Austex Sprinklers is happy to help you choose impressive landscape and outdoor lighting to make your home stand out and increase your property’s value.

When you work with Austex Sprinklers, you get:

Secure installation by professionals

A convenient system you can program

A service and maintenance option to make sure you continue enjoying your landscape lighting system with full peace of mind

Landscape Lighting not only looks great, but can act as an additional layer of security for your home or office.

Transform Your Yard with Stunning Landscape Lighting in Austin, TX

For an attractive, professional, customized landscape lighting package, call Austex Sprinklers. We are committed to premium quality, hassle-free installation, and 100% customer satisfaction. With landscape lighting from Austex Sprinklers, you can enjoy your outdoor areas after daylight hours with maximum comfort and security.

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