Midsummer Sprinkler System Maintenance

Sprinkler Head Maintenance for Home Owner's Lawn

Most homeowners are familiar with spring startups and winter blowouts for sprinkler systems. Common essential sprinkler maintenance can often be overlooked in between spring and winter, however, that can address avoidable problems.

Midsummer maintenance is a valuable service every sprinkler system owner should schedule. Your sprinkler system is working the hardest in the middle of summer when your lawn most needs it. Austex Sprinklers emphasizes scheduling this service to ensure your irrigation system runs optimally. A tune-up, also known as an Inspection, is when our Technician runs through the entire irrigation system, checking for leaks, adjusting heads, and replacing nozzles as needed. Most landscaping is in full bloom during this time, making it the ideal time for our seasoned Technicians to inspect your system carefully. We will also adjust the watering times according to your local jurisdiction’s recommended schedule.

How to Properly Tune-up Your Sprinkler System

Frequently inspect your sprinkler system to ensure it operates smoothly. When you examine your sprinkler system during the summer, keep the following in mind:

1. Look for any leaks as you examine your system. Determine if a broken pipe or a clogged sprinkler head is to blame if you notice puddling. Look for any puddling in the valve boxes.

2. If you notice any problems with your sprinkler system, hire a professional to repair it. An experienced Technician will know what to do and save you time, money, and headache.

3. Adjust sprinkler heads that are pointed the wrong way. Sprinkler heads should be adjusted if it sprays into your driveway, sidewalk, or trees. Check to see if anything is obstructing sprinkler heads.

4. Identify if the sprinkler zones are working properly. Place catch cups in each zone to see if it’s watering evenly. For 15 minutes, turn on the water in one area. After 15 minutes, measure each cup’s water using a ruler.

5. If the pressure is too low or too high, adjust it.

6. Install a rain sensor to prevent overwatering.

Midsummer Sprinkler Tips for a Healthy Lawn

Take note of the following tips to keep your lawn healthy in the summer heat:

1. Schedule your sprinklers to turn on overnight or in the morning. This is when the air is cooler and there is less breeze so that water can soak deeply into the ground.

2. On hot, humid evenings, try to avoid watering as it encourages fungal growth.

3. Adjust Controller timing and water settings to your local water utility’s recommendations.

4. Use appropriate sprinkler heads for specific areas of your lawn.

Professional Sprinkler System Maintenance in Austin, TX

For best results, hire a professional to inspect and maintain your irrigation system. Austex Sprinklers offers seasonal maintenance to ensure your sprinkler system is in prime working condition. Ready for sprinkler maintenance? Call Austex Sprinklers today in Austin, TX, at: (512) 721-8564 to schedule an appointment!

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