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Rainwater harvesting collects runoff water from a surface, most often the roof of a structure, to use later. The rain is channeled into containers where it can be stored safely.

Irrigating with rainwater harvesting is a pro-active measure Austin residents can take toward water conservation and lowering your monthly water bill, while still maintaining a beautiful lawn!  

Benefits of Rainwater Harvesting

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Collecting this clean and free source of natural water has many positive benefits. Using rainwater not only conserves local water sources, but it is actually better for plants. Rainwater does not contain the chlorine and other chemicals added to processed water to make it potable.

Harvesting and using rainwater also reduces the amount of storm runoff around your home. It can solve drainage problems that you may be having. Even a simple rainwater harvesting setup can go a long way toward decreasing soil erosion and protecting your home and property from damage.

Rainwater harvesting also helps decrease the risk of flooding, especially in low-lying areas. During a storm, local runoff systems may become overwhelmed, leading to dangerous water areas covering streets and flowing into yards and beyond. Some of these runoff systems include sewage.

When flooding occurs, all the pollutants can overwhelm local water sources, leading to environmental damage and potentially dangerous disease outbreaks.

With rainwater harvesting, Austin homeowners can get a safe, clean source of water. With benefits to the environment and your wallet, it is definitely worth exploring.

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With benefits to the environment and your wallet, it is definitely rainwater harvesting is worth exploring.

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