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The Best Landscaping and Irrigation Solutions in Round Rock, TX

Do you want the best-looking yard in Central Texas? Contact our team at Austex Sprinklers for landscaping and sprinkler services.

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Irregular rainfall in Texas makes it hard to maintain a healthy lawn. However, with the right landscaping, sprinkler, and drainage system, you can have a picture-perfect yard. At Austex Sprinklers, we are the leading landscaping and sprinkler company in Round Rock, TX.

We have over a decade of experience providing superior sprinkler repair, installation, and landscaping services to Williamson County homes and businesses. Our solutions stand the test of time and deliver results that boost curb appeal and raise property value.

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Professional Sprinkler Repair and Installation in Round Rock, TX

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Yard irrigation ensures that every part of your lawn gets enough water to stay green, even during droughts. At Austex Sprinklers, we provide various industry-leading irrigation solutions, such as:

Sprinkler Installation

Let us install a sprinkler system that uses less water but properly waters your entire lawn. Our team will design a custom system specifically for your soil type, landscaping, water table, and more.

Sprinkler Repair

If your current sprinkler system isn’t working properly, you can count on us for top-quality repairs. Our sprinkler experts can repair sprinkler systems of all types and sizes, and we go the extra mile to deliver lasting solutions.


Rains may be infrequent in Round Rock, but when they fall, they can fall hard enough to cause floods. Our drainage systems keep yards flood-free and evenly watered.

Landscape Installation That You Can Trust

Do you have a vision of how you’d like your yard to look? Let’s make your vision a reality with our landscape installation services. Our landscape installation solutions include:

Sod Installation

Installing sod is a quick and reliable alternative to growing your lawn from scratch. We install only high-quality sod, which we cut to order to fit each customer’s property. Choose between our Raleigh St. Augustine, Tifway Bermuda, and Palisade Zoysia sod types.

Landscape and Architectural Lighting

We keep your yard looking gorgeous at night by installing landscape lighting. Besides beautifying your yard, our landscape lighting can illuminate your lawn at night to improve security. We use only durable and energy-efficient lighting systems.

Check out our blog for more ways to beautify your yard and keep your sprinkler system in peak condition.

Our fully licensed irrigators can tailor services to fit your budget and other unique requirements. If you need sprinkler installation, repair, or a drainage system, get in touch with us today for a free, no-obligation quote.

Let’s Keep Your Yard Evergreen

As a full-service sprinkler company serving Round Rock, TX, we also provide yearly maintenance services. We’ll take care of all aspects of system care to prolong the life of your sprinkler system, reduce the need for repairs, and keep it water-efficient. During your annual sprinkler tune-up, we will:

Clean and flush the system

Check for leaks

Evaluate spray patterns

Test the valves

Winterize the system

We back all our services with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and our pricing is transparent and competitive.

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