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Austin’s irregular rainfall is a major concern when it comes to drainage. Months of drought can suddenly transform to 5-inches of rainfall overnight. If your home isn’t equipped to handle the water run-off, flooding and drainage problems can quickly ensue. We understand drainage issues present unique challenges at every home and we are prepared to offer a custom solution tailored to your needs. Some of the drainage techniques we use include:

  • Gutter to Subsurface Drains — A drain that connects to the gutter downspout. When buried in-ground, this type of drain will use water leveling to drain the water out of a pop-up head. When used above ground, this method can provide a cost savings.
  • Catch Basins — A drain that is placed at a low point and lets water run in. It usually has a grate or filter to keep debris out. An underground pipe drains to a lower point in the yard with natural run-off.
  • Dry Creek Beds — Some drainage issues can be corrected without using any piping. A dry creek bed uses a graded rock path to provide aesthetic, functional drainage. Their versatility and effectiveness make them a popular choice.
  • Above Ground Drains — If cosmetics are not an issue, a cost efficient method to controlling the water can be achieved with an above ground drain. Not having to bury the drain presents the customer a significant cost savings.

Whether you’re considering an above ground drain or a dry creek bed, we can provide a solution that meets your specific drainage needs.

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