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Landscape and Architectural Lighting

Professional Landscape Lighting Installation

The benefits of landscape and architectural lighting are plentiful. Whether you’re looking for safety, security, or aesthetics, our knowledgable team will design a solution to fit your needs. Through a variety of lighting techniques, be prepared to view your home and landscape like never before.

  • Uplighting — Uplighting emits light from the ground up and is most commonly used for trees, textured walls, plain walls, and pillars. This is the most prevalent form of lighting used within the industry.
  • Down Lighting — Down lighting casts a broad illumination and is usually mounted in a tree or other high place. The versatility of down lighting allows it to be used for security, safety, and aesthetics.
  • Moon Lighting — Austin pioneered the use of Moon Lighting, and now you can use this stunning lighting technique at your own home. Moon lighting is similar to down lighting, but casts a more attractive shadow due to its softer light source. Moon lights are often mounted in a trees or behind landscape objects.
  • Grazing — Grazing works best with surfaces that have a lot of texture. By placing the light close to the object or wall, it illuminates the lower part of the surface and casts a shadow on the upper part bringing out its texture. Grazing a tree, for example, can reveal texture and dimensions not visible in the full light of the day.
  • Silhouette Lighting — Silhouette lighting occurs when you have your light behind an object or plant which can create a beautiful profile by hiding the light. With this approach you can highlight a specific plant or tree and provide uplighting or grazing effect on a wall.
  • Mirror Lighting — Mirror lighting projects its glow onto reflective surfaces. Swimming pools and other bodies of water make for an ideal canvas to utilize this unique lighting effect.
  • Spot Lighting — Spot lighting utilizes a strong beam as its light source and is often used to illuminate decks, pools, statues and stairs.

There are many techniques to consider when planning a landscape or architectural lighting project for your home. Achieving the perfect balance of lighting is an art form in itself, but when executed properly, can emphasize the most beautiful characteristics of any home. Whether your lighting goals are security, safety, or aesthetics, our lighting experts will customize a solution that’s right for you.

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