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Reliable Sod Installation in Austin, Texas

Whatever your issue, Austex Sprinklers is here to help with all your Sod Installation needs in Austin, Texas.

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Your lawn can never be too green, and Austex Sprinklers can get you there with the best cut-to-order sod in and around Austin, TX. Give us a call today at (512) 721-8564 for a free estimate.

Growing a nice lawn in Austin’s climate is not always easy. But you don’t need to take on this challenge alone. Austex Sprinklers is here to help you with all your sod installation needs.

Sod Installation

The most crucial step to take before laying sod is preparing the soil. Without soil preparation, new sod is more likely to fail. Different regions need different prep, including drainage, grass type, and nutrient content. The time of year is also crucial, with many Texas areas having slightly different times where sod installation is optimal.

When installed, sod must lay correctly, no seams or gaps for weed growth to develop. Openings between sod strips can also lead to dead patches that will affect your entire lawn, requiring the lawn to be stripped and restarted from scratch.

Our sod installation services are performed by trained professionals, leaving you with the peace of mind that your new lawn is in good hands. We remove old grass and weeds, prepare the soil, install fresh-cut sod, and even set-up an irrigation system schedule to keep your sod adequately watered using industry best practices.

Sod Maintenance
Once your sod installation is complete, it will need to be maintained. Caring for newly-installed sod is a bit different than caring for an existing lawn. Following these guidelines will ensure your new sod stays healthy and builds strong roots:

Week 1

● Water freshly installed sod three to four times a day for around 5 minutes. Never overwater, but never allow the sod to dry out. ● Do not water sod in the evening or night. ● Stay off the lawn as much as possible. Foot traffic will damage freshly laid sod.

Week 2

.● Continue to keep off the lawn. ● Water for 30 minutes each day, twice if you find it is drying out too much.

Week 3+

● Start to mow the lawn, keeping the mower deck high. Never cut more than 1/3" of the grass's length. ● Around week 6, fertilize the sod.

Improper care of sod can lead to failure. Austex Sprinklers can help with not only your sod installation but also the maintenance of your new sod, guaranteeing your new lawn stays healthy and properly takes root.

How to Turn Off Your Sprinkler System Water Supply

piece of sod rolled up

Most irrigation systems use one of two methods to control the flow of water. Here is how to identify which one you have, and how to turn it off:

Double-check backflow

If you have a green, rectangular lid measuring about 12” x 18” within 10 feet of your water meter, this is a double-check backflow device. Remove the cover, and you will see the double-check backflow in the ground. This device has two levers. Turn both levers from a horizontal to vertical position to stem the flow of water to your sprinkler system.

RPZ backflow

An RPZ backflow device is above ground and usually located close to the water meter or on the same side of the house as your water meter. Once you find the RPZ, turn one of the two handles 90 degrees to the right to cut off your sprinkler system’s water supply.

If you can’t find your sprinkler system’s water shut-off valve, that’s okay. Our Team is happy to provide guidance over the phone.

The Best Sod Installation and Care in Greater Austin

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