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Austex Sprinklers: Licensed, Professional Sprinkler Installation, Austin, TX

Whatever your issue, Austex Sprinklers is here to help with all your Sprinkler Installation needs.

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Need reliable, hassle-free sprinkler installation in Austin, TX? Call Austex Sprinklers today at (512) 721-8564 for a free, no-obligation estimate.

When shopping for a licensed irrigation service, look for a company that uses quality sprinkler parts and has a proven track record of excellent customer service and satisfaction.

A properly-installed irrigation system gives you peace of mind with easier maintenance, less frequent repairs, and lower expenses long-term.

The Austex Sprinklers Difference

Clever Design

Our sprinkler system designs are created for efficiency and promotes water conservation while addressing the unique needs of your lawn and landscape.

Water Conservation

With smart planning, Austex Sprinklers designs systems that properly irrigate your lawn and landscape, while avoiding water waste. Correctly placed spray heads minimizes water loss due to wind, and drip irrigation maximizes watering in areas like planter beds and vegetable gardens.

Quality Parts

At Austex Sprinklers, we work with the most advanced, durable sprinkler parts on the market to make sure your watering system functions well and is built to last, saving you money on both repair costs and your water bill.

Smart Schedule

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Efficient programming of your irrigation Controller is essential. The Austex Sprinklers Team not only assists you with Controller installation, we also guide you on Controller use and programming, to create an optimum watering schedule that achieves the best results for your landscape needs.

Controller set-up varies and changes with the seasons. To help our customers stay current with their irrigation schedule, we offer Smart Controller installation and instruction. Smart Controller programming can be conveniently accessed and controlled using your smart phone.

The best, most hassle-free solution is having a system that allows you to plan for the entire year so that you don’t need to adjust the watering schedule with each season change.

Smart sprinkler Controller scheduling can be programmed based on several factors, including:

Soil type (sand, loam, or clay)

Spray type (pop-up heads, drip, or rotors)

Exposure to sun (sun, shade, or partial shade)

Plant types (lawn, flowerbeds, shrubs, or trees)

Local watering restrictions

If you can’t find your sprinkler system’s water shut-off valve, that’s okay. Our Team is happy to provide guidance over the phone.

Follow-up and Warranty

After we install your sprinkler system, we follow up with each customer to ensure it’s functioning properly and make any necessary adjustments. All of our irrigation systems come with a three-year warranty.

Our quality sprinkler systems should last for many years without significant issues, but if you encounter a problem, contact us for reliable maintenance and repair service. We recommend an annual checkup and maintenance visit from Austex Sprinklers for your peace of mind.

The Answer to All Your Sprinkler Needs in Austin, TX

For professional and efficient sprinkler solutions, call Austex Sprinklers. We are committed to quality work, seamless installation, and 100% customer satisfaction. With a sprinkler system from Austex Sprinklers, you will enjoy a beautiful landscape with minimal effort.

Call us at (512) 721-8564 for a free quote on a new sprinkler system installation or advice on how to upgrade your existing sprinkler system.