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Whatever your issue, Austex Sprinklers is here to help with all your sprinkler repair needs.

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Home sprinkler systems are convenient and add to your home’s value. They keep our lawns and garden beds beautiful, and save endless hours of caring for our yards so we can spend more time just enjoying them.

However, when sprinkler systems stop working, they can soon cause real problems. A leaking sprinkler head can flood an entire lawn. A poorly-positioned sprinkler head has inadequate coverage, resulting in unattractive brown patches and dying plants. Our experts can quickly solve these problems and many more.

If you need sprinkler repair in Austin, TX, you can count on our Team at Austex Sprinklers. Our specialists can get your sprinkler system back in working order.

Common Sprinkler Problems

Here are some of the most common issues we see here in Austin:

Old Valves

Older valves can be hard to turn on, or worse, hard to turn off. A valve that doesn’t turn off all the way can cause water to pool around your sprinkler heads, spoiling the look of your lawn and encouraging rot and disease.

Sunken or shifting sprinkler heads

Over time, sprinkler heads can sink or shift position, leading to swampy ground around the sprinkler head and dry patches or brown spots due to poor coverage.

Leaking Valves

When a valve is leaking, water pools around the head and makes the ground marshy. Sprinkler leaks can also run up your water bill.

Old or faulty wiring

Faulty wiring can cause timers to malfunction and the failure of your system to function at the scheduled watering times.

Cracked piping

Underground piping that is broken or otherwise damaged can lead to expensive leaks.

If you experience any of the above or other sprinkler issues, give us a call. While you wait for our Team to arrive, we recommend that you turn off the water supply to your system at the backflow device to prevent the possibility of further damage and water waste.

How to Turn Off Your Sprinkler System Water Supply

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Most irrigation systems use one of two methods to control the flow of water. Here is how to identify which one you have, and how to turn it off:

Double-check backflow

If you have a green, rectangular lid measuring about 12” x 18” within 10 feet of your water meter, this is a double-check backflow device. Remove the cover, and you will see the double-check backflow in the ground. This device has two levers. Turn both levers from a horizontal to vertical position to stem the flow of water to your sprinkler system.

RPZ backflow

An RPZ backflow device is above ground and usually located close to the water meter or on the same side of the house as your water meter. Once you find the RPZ, turn one of the two handles 90 degrees to the right to cut off your sprinkler system’s water supply.

If you can’t find your sprinkler system’s water shut-off valve, that’s okay. Our Team is happy to provide guidance over the phone.

Get Expert Help with Your Sprinkler System

Repairing a sprinkler system is not something you should attempt alone. A faulty repair can worsen damage to the system, further harming your lawn and flowerbeds and costing you much more in the end.
Hiring our experts ensures the job is done accurately the first time. Our experienced Team members have undergone specialized training to ensure their work meets the highest industry standards.
Austex Sprinklers has over 10 years of experience servicing irrigation systems in the Greater Austin Metro Area. Call us today at (512) 721-8564 to get the help you need with your sprinkler system!