Sprinkler System Maintenance Tips

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Common Causes of Sprinkler System Breakdown

When you notice an unusual function in your sprinkler system, or it has stopped working, contact a professional immediately who will look into it, diagnose it, and fix the problem.

Problems may occur in any of these components:

  • the water supply pipes
  • electronic zone box
  • valve box
  • the diaphragm that controls the water flow
  • a solenoid
  • irrigation zone valves
  • underground plastic tubing, and
  • sprinkler heads

Typically, if one of these components falls short of its normal function, it is likely due to any of these concerns:

  • Low water pressure
  • Sprinkler heads not working
  • Leaks around the zone valve or at the sprinkler head
  • Sprinkler zones do not turn on

How to Maintain an Irrigation System

When you notice any of the possible issues mentioned, get your system inspected. To keep your sprinkler system in its best condition, follow the tips below: 

1. Preventive Inspection

A preventive inspection is a routine check-up of the entire system. It’s performed to prevent possible malfunctions before they occur.

Everything observed during a routine check, including wear and tear, should be noted to help identify a problem before it occurs.

2. Seasonal Check-ups

Every season brings different weather conditions that significantly affects the performance of your sprinkler system. For instance, before the start of winter, there might be necessary preparation and a need for a thorough inspection of your pipes. Ensure to drain all water from the irrigation system to avoid freezing inside, which may cause damage to valves, rotors, and sprinkler heads.

3. Don’t Ignore Leaks

A minor leak can create a significant problem when not addressed immediately. When this happens, an area on your lawn will receive too much water, while other areas might not receive water at all.

4. Regular Cleaning

Always clean the sprinkler heads and other parts regularly. Remove dirt, grass clippings, and ground residue by flushing them out with water. When unattended for too long, clogged dirt may damage sprinkler heads that can affect the distribution of water.

Professional Sprinkler Maintenance with Austex Sprinklers

For the best sprinkler repairs and maintenance, you can trust Austex Sprinklers. Call us today at (512) 721-8564 for inquiries and to learn more about our services.

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