The Amazing Advantages of Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater gutter

Rainwater Harvesting is the process of collecting, storing, and reusing rainwater. Households that collect rainwater can use it like water that comes from the tap—water the lawn, wash the dishes, do the laundry, and take a bath. Rainwater harvesting gives homeowners a new source from which to obtain water instead of relying on a City’s supply, helping reduce overall water consumption and water waste.

Rainwater Harvesting requires capture tanks or barrels with a specialized gutter to collect the water. To make your home capable of this eco-friendly process, have an expert install the right system. It’s a powerful way to green your home and reduce your environmental footprint!

Install the right water collection system in your home and enjoy the fantastic advantages of rainwater harvesting.

1. Save on your water bill

Harvesting rainwater is a free and clean way to obtain water for use inside and outside of your home. It can be set as a primary water source or as a backup source, if necessary. With a rainwater collection system put in place and having a regular source of free water, it can cut down on your monthly water bills.

2. Improve the health of the plants in your yard

Plants grow better with rainwater because it is devoid of salt, minerals, and chemicals. Collected rainwater usually flushes out excess salt buildup, making it the healthier choice for plants. Moreover, rainwater has the perfect pH level and nitrate delivery, making it ideal for quenching your garden’s thirst.

A healthy garden has a positive impact on the environment. It improves the soil ecosystem, which can help provide cleaner air, improved carbon sink, and better pollinator habitat.

3. Promotes water conservation

Most communities are dependent on a City’s water infrastructure. Unfortunately, old water infrastructure is costly to upgrade. With more homes relying on it, there is an overdraw in reservoirs and groundwater. However, when you create another water source for your home, you minimize your draw from these stressed systems, which allows you to have a significant contribution to water conservation.

4. Reduce erosion, pollution, and flooding

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) found that rainwater runoff is the top reason for pollution. When there is heavy rain and rainwater isn’t harvested, it erodes stream banks, which leads to damage to sensitive waterways and wildlife habitats. By harvesting rainwater, you can do your part to prevent erosion, pollution, and flooding.

Rainwater Harvesting in the Greater Austin Metro Area

With a better understanding of the benefits of rainwater harvesting, you can align with sustainability and environmental-friendliness and start collecting rainwater. Austex Sprinklers can help you with all your rainwater harvesting needs. Call us today at (512) 721-8564.

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