What Do I Do Once My New Sod Is Installed?

rolling out new sod

What Is Sod?

The soil in the ground and the grass and the root system that hold it together make up sod. There are many benefits to using sod, such as being environmentally friendly and organic.

Sod is commonly used for lawns in private and commercial properties, golf courses, and sports stadiums. It is a primary material for landscaping and adds to property value. Moreover, sod has other purposes aside from aesthetics, such as:

  1. Used to establish the lawn, especially in places where using seeds is not recommended.
  2. Helps in preventing erosion, especially in hilly areas.
  3. Improves soil cooling.
  4. Improves air and water quality.
  5. Prevents flooding.
  6. Can be a specialized roofing material.

How to Install Sod

When it comes to sod installation in your home in Austin, make sure you get the help of an expert crew as sod is perishable and should be installed immediately. Once installed, deep watering should follow as heat can quickly build up, leading to severe damage to the turf.

What to Do After Sod Installation

For the first two weeks after sod installation, ensure proper watering regularly. This will help the sod establish roots. Keep the sod moist throughout the day. You can set your sprinklers to turn on two to six times a day so your sod will root adequately. Adjust your sprinklers accordingly for adequate coverage. Get sprinkler repair if needed to make sure that your sod is receiving enough water.

After two weeks, mow the sod. Remember to keep off the sod before its first mowing, so it grows nicely. Cut back on watering as you head towards the first mowing to keep the soil firm. Mow just ⅓ of the grass blade and do not go more than that.

Within the third and fourth week after sod installation, adjust your sprinklers to reduce the amount of irrigation. Less watering will help the roots grow deeper.

Austex Sprinklers Offers Expert Sod Installation

When it comes to expert sod installation in Austin, TX, you can trust Austex Sprinklers. Call us today at (512) 721-8564 for your free quote.

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