What Is the Best Landscape Lighting?

outdoor landscape lighting

The best landscape lighting can help increase the safety and security of your home, impress your guests when you entertain outdoors long after the sun sets, enhance your home’s curb appeal, and add to your home’s overall value. The best choice is the one that integrates easily into your home’s exterior features, such as trees and shrubs, while adding to its aesthetics and functionality.

When it comes to choosing the proper landscape lighting, consider mixing and matching different types of lighting. Decide on your home’s lighting needs by understanding the following essentials:

What to Know Before Installing Landscape Lighting

1. Power Source

Some outdoor lighting fixtures require a reliable power source, while others come with a built-in battery. If you’re installing bulbs that need an outlet, you should work with an expert to guarantee safety. On the other hand, you can opt to get solar-powered landscape lights that use the sun’s rays to store energy into a rechargeable battery that the bulbs can use later on. This option is eco-friendly and can be easy to set up with expert help.

2. Intensity of Illumination

If you have a big yard, it is understandable that you will require brighter illumination that only wired lighting can provide. An expert technician can help you optimally plan out your outdoor lighting. Power cables can be tucked behind plants and covered with mulch. There are lighting options that come with stakes where you can insert power cables without digging.

For wired landscape lighting, choose low-voltage options, if possible. Low-voltage options are energy-efficient. You can connect them to a transformer sitting on the soil or buried so that it’s hidden from sight. Low-voltage choices are better because they are less expensive to operate (require less energy to run) and are safer (have a low risk of electrical shock.)

3. LED (light-emitting diode) Choices

LED bulbs are more energy-efficient compared to older CFL lights. They can run on a smaller and less expensive transformer while providing ample illumination to your patio or yard. LED lights also last longer with minimal to no maintenance.

4. Lighting Layers

Create the ultimate outdoor lighting system using a combination of different lighting fixtures. Illuminate large areas to improve security with wide-angled floodlights. Combine spotlights and pathway lights to highlight specific outdoor areas such as trees or shrubs, garden beds, or exterior decor. Use low-profile underground lights that blend well into your outdoor setup.

Professional Landscape Lighting in Austin, TX

Enhance your outdoor space with landscape lighting. Light up your yard, patio, and garden using low-voltage, solar-powered, and LED landscape lighting solutions. Austex Sprinklers offers expert installation of high-quality outdoor lighting fixtures in Austin, TX that can highlight the exterior beauty of your home. Call us at (512) 721-8564 for a free consultation on the optimal landscape lighting solution for you!

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